How to Find Us

We meet in Room 104 of Fountain Street Church in downtown Grand Rapids (24 Fountain St NE, 49503). We are not religiously affiliated with FSC but are simply renting a room from them.

FSC is one block east of Division and one block north of Fulton, just across the street from the public library. Street parking is available, as is a large public parking lot at GRCC.

Our room is on the lower level, and here are the directions: enter the main door on Fountain Street and you’ll see an office on your right and a door to the left of the office. That door leads down the stairs and there’s another door at the bottom that you’ll need to go through; then go to the end of the hall and turn right. There’s also an elevator if you prefer; when you get off the elevator you can go either direction because our room is midway along the rectangular hallway that encircles the lower level.

For more information:
or call: Karen at 616.914.0409

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Who We Are

Withered Tree is a non-sectarian group of Buddhist practitioners and others interested in mindfulness meditation. We began over a decade ago as a group of friends who started meeting to practice meditation, share our experiences on the path and support each others’ practices. Many faces have come and gone over the years, and each is important to us all. Everyone is welcome!

For information:
or call: Karen at 616.914.0409

Mission Statement

Withered Tree seeks to embody the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha by providing space for the West Michigan community to practice meditation, receive instruction, and engage in discussion about mindfulness and awareness in contemporary life.